Kilian also offers a folk-such attraction, just like other unisex classics like Gilligan, Adrian, otherwise Dorian

Kilian also offers a folk-such attraction, just like other unisex classics like Gilligan, Adrian, otherwise Dorian

It is a keen anglicized kind of Cillian, which was the name many very early holy males, and St. Cillian, a keen Irish missionary and you can apostle out of Franconia.

Kyla and its particular cousin Kayla are considered the feminine brands off Kyle. Kyle was first good Scottish surname, based on new Gaelic “caol,” definition “slender” otherwise “thin.” When you look at the 2020, Kyla try ranked the fresh 490th best women’s title in the You.S. and #293 during the Scotland, so it’s a common but underutilized come across. That it cool women’s title has numerous popular bearers, also actress Kyla Pratt and you may Olympic gymnast Kyla Ross.

Pronounced trick-na, Kyna is the females brand of the fresh Gaelic boy’s label Kyne. It’s based on “cadhan,” meaning “wild-goose,” a term to own Irish troops just who remaining Ireland to fight when you look at the continental Western european armies into the 16th, 17th, and you will eighteenth centuries. So it rather term would-be an alternate substitute for trendier “K” names for example Kyla or Kayla.


Laith, romanticized because the Leith otherwise Layth, hails from the fresh new river Leith in Edinburgh, Scotland. Laith is also a keen Arabic name, meaning “lion.” Which unisex name enjoys a good dainty, pixie-eg high quality, similar to Lillith and you can Meredith.

From inside the Ireland, Lee comes from the fresh surname O’Laoidhigh, via the latest Gaelic laoidh, definition “poem” otherwise “tune.” Lee is additionally associated with the old English label Lea, definition “wood,” that will be a difference off Li when you look at the Asia.

Lee struck their stride in early 1900s from the You.S., that have bearers such Western huge band musician Lee Wiley and you will Investigator Tale celebrity Lee Grant. Lee might be an appealing choices if you love old-designed labels having an old be!


It is a Scottish Gaelic surname and private name derived from Leslie’s town in the Aberdeenshire. Leslie arises from the newest Gaelic “leas celyn” meaning “holly-yard.” Leslie is a high a hundred come across on sixties and you may 1970s about You.S. but is shorter prominent now, ranked #600 for females from inside the 2020. Solution spellings was Lesley and Leslee.


Liban hails from the old Irish “li” definition “beauty” and you may geek web chat “ban” definition “of women.” Regarding development legend from Lough Neagh (the largest freshwater lake into the Northern Ireland), Liban was a lady whose town overloaded, killing the lady family. She are obligated to reside in an underwater cavern to have a good 12 months in advance of being changed into an excellent mermaid. At some point, she are captured by sailors on course to Rome, just who baptized the lady once the Muirgein, definition “sea-produced.”


Noticable LOO-sai, Liusaidh is the Scottish Gaelic sorts of the fresh new Latin Lucia and you will English Lucy. That it old-fashioned name’s very uncommon, that it could well be a champion if you are searching to have some thing distinct. Lucia is much more common, rated #134 in the Scotland, #115 during the Ireland, and #163 from the You.S. in 2020.


Maeve is very fancy, ranked regarding the better a hundred girl labels inside Ireland, Scotland, in addition to U.K. It is faster-identified on the U.S., so now could be the time and energy to come across it earlier becomes too main-stream! During the Old Irish myths, Maeve are the fresh warrior king off Connacht, recognized for this lady bravery and you can aspiration. Modern Maeve’s were Australian actress Dermody and Irish journalist Binchy.


Pronounced mur-assistance or mawr-services, Mairead is the Irish-gaelic brand of Margaret, definition “pearl.” The brand new Scottish Gaelic equivalent are Maighreadmon (albeit unexpected) nicknames is actually Peig or Peigi. Old-timey Margaret try and also make a reappearance on U.S., rated #126 when you look at the 2020. So, Mairead would be good fresh option.


Mairi, rather spelled Mhairi, ‘s the Scottish Gaelic style of age try typically obvious VAH-ree, but today it’s pronounced phonetically because the MA-ree. Bearers include Scottish folk musician Mairi Campbell and Scottish politician Mhairi Black, brand new youngest individual getting decided to go with so you’re able to Parliament just 20 yrs old!