The latest tree is being littered with a wicked eco-friendly dragon named Chuth

The latest tree is being littered with a wicked eco-friendly dragon named Chuth

Elf Pcs

  • Chuth: Eco-friendly Dragon, raiding agreements on the Misty Forest within the Rise occurrence 4.

: Elf emails age on the Misty Tree, since it is searched in the Episode cuatro out of Increase regarding Tiamat. King Melandrach legislation they (and then he touches the brand new Council regarding Waterdeep inside the Increase). The latest King have several sons, Alagarthas and you will Neronvain (that gone destroyed). Roguish designs may prefer to praise Fenmarel Mestarine, elven jesus away from outcasts. There can be a tiny shrine so you can Fenmarel in Episode cuatro, and something regarding my participants know it jesus is perfect for their character.

Darkhold: If you look on the map of the region on page 4 of Hoard, you’ll see a place called Darkhold. It’s way down on the bottom right, very close to the Well of Dragons (home of the cult and the location of the finale in Rise of Tiamat). Darkhold is a castle owned by the Zhentarim. If you have any characters in your campaign in the Zhentarim faction, it would make sense for them to know abut Darkhold or even come from there. Seeing how close this place is to the Well of Dragons, there’s a good chance your Zhentarim PCs might go there.

Into page nine of one’s Increase of Tiamat, it’s asserted that the fresh blue wyrmspeaker is known as Galvan. The fresh Personal computers is going to run towards the various other wyrmspeaker contained in this story, however Galvan. It is strange because there is art off him and there is a little wizards post regarding your.

Essentially that which you possess here is an NPC to use but not you like! Perhaps you you’ll link him to Lennithon. Or even he is able to harass their Pcs from time to time due to the fact a recurring villain from the assassination effort. Provide him particular means and you can lightning powers and you are clearly advisable that you wade.

Be mindful: The main issue that people seem to have with this episode is that it is too deadly spicymatch-app. As written, your players go through a lot of battles with theoretically no rest time. A long rest is out of the question, as this whole thing takes place over a single evening. I’d suggest having the PCs save some clerics of Chauntea (or whatever god you like) among the rescued, who can use their healing magic on the heroes. Also, place some healing potions where it makes sense.

The fresh new Blue Dragon Encounter is actually Difficult: In the battle with Lennithon the blue dragon, many DMs placed a ballista on the wall for the PCs to use to fire on Lennithon. This helps give the PCs incentive to actually engage the dragon. Otherwise they may feel (rightly) that they have no chance against it and will not even try to engage it.

Lennithon seems once more inside Xonthal’s tower from inside the Rise out of Tiamat, thus note one special marks otherwise moments one to are present. The newest dragon is search revenge after when the a pc propels it throughout the attention.

The fresh Duel: In the duel with the half-dragon Langdedrosa, it is not important if the PC wins and kills him. The half-dragon appears again in Episode 3 simply as a monster in a room.

Appear to he could be attached to the reddish wizards

That said, this will be a very hard challenge. Hoard co-author Steve Cold temperatures enjoys essentially asserted that the point of it come upon is actually for the computer to reduce in order to become humiliated therefore the professionals really hate the latest cult. Consider your members before choosing to run that it. I just overlooked they. Should you choose run they, you may want to warn your own Personal computers as they size your right up he appears very hard and perhaps irresistible in order for they know moving in that overcome is likely. You can even want to consider having Langdedrosa providing the Desktop computer a mark – a permanent memento of their fateful run into.